Blues Man - Stephen Stills

    (Jimi the Fox, The Owl and Skydog)

    Blues man
    Play your hand
    Do it right
    Come on strong
    Don't stay too long

    Runnin' wild
    Singin' child
    Powered sound
    Push you hard
    Lookin' to get down

    Such a waste
    Y'left such a space
    I shared your dreams
    I felt your heart
    Did I hear you scream

    Runnin' scared
    Y'run everywhere
    Could not choose
    Where to hide
    Play the blues

    Played it mad
    Played it sad
    Blues is pain
    The way men cry
    Like tired rain

    Blues is mean
    The real thing
    Three good men
    I knew well
    Never see again

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words