It Doesn't Matter - Chris Hillman, Stephen Stills

    Fallin' and spinnin'
    Losin' and winnin'
    Keepin' my head

    Watchin' for signals
    Wear some uigil
    Was I misled
    I remember you said that you
    Don't want to forget me
    It doesn't matter
    Which of our fantasies fled

    Every tomorrow
    Lookin' to borrow
    A piece of today

    Run a bit faster
    Here comes the catcher
    Makin' his play
    You had better not stay
    You will soon be surrounded
    It doesn't matter
    Which of our fantasies fled

    Lonely and winsome
    Calling for someone
    Living right now

    Something is shallow
    Ugly and hollow
    Doesn't even allow
    You to want to know how you might
    Live for the living and
    Give for the giving. Living
    Moment by moment
    One day at a time
    It doesn't matter
    It's nothin' but dreamin' any how

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words