Jesus Gave Love Away For Free - Stephen Stills

    If you're trav'lin' out west
    And you see a dark haired girl
    Tell her her love is a'waitin
    In the rockies so near
    And the mountains is high
    As his love it is strong
    It's a fine place to be
    By his side
    She belongs

    And they both travelled far
    And they both travelled wide
    But they travelled alone
    With no one to confide
    Their love can't grow stronger
    Tho' now it is deep
    They must trust in each other
    Their souls
    For to keep

    And we all know that people
    Ain't made to live lonely
    They need to be trusted
    And loved by one only
    That one special one
    Who can just let it be
    And remember that Jesus
    Gave love
    Away for free

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words