Name - Peter Himmelman

    Fate has left us gasping again
    for that breath of life inside the storm
    grab my collar don't let it go
    and I will carry you away from this

    but you don't understand me.
    How could you know the scope of my pain,
    you don't understand
    my name

    I said I'm sorry over and over again
    for the way I dragged you down with me
    all my tendons ripping you up
    while my soul lays mute and paralyzed

    I don't understand you,
    how could I know the scope of your pain,
    I don't understand
    your name

    oh our love It hangs like the sky,
    we can look but we can't handle it
    I feel like god I feel like a dog
    while I'm barking out apologies

    they don't understand us,
    how could they know the scope of our pain,
    they don't understand
    our name.

    they don't understand

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words