Wrapped Up In Cellophane - Peter Himmelman

    Hey it's not fair and goddamn everyone who says it is
    i cannot bear the reasons and the wherefores can you girl
    you're too sweet and i'm too hungry
    now ain't being funny when i say
    you're wrapped up in cellophane

    it won't be long 'till this whole thing lays its head to rest
    and then like the snow we will fall in places
    fate determines best
    but for now there's just the pain of indecision
    likely the result of some collision with one
    wrapped up in cellophane

    do i wanna touch you yes i wanna touch you so bad now
    do i wanna hear you yes i wanna hear you so bad now
    do i wanna love you yes i wanna love you so bad now
    but you're wrapped up in cellophane

    you dressed in black, the priestess, the kabbalah
    leaves me weak
    as in a dream i need to live with all my consequences gone
    but every now and then i wake up
    and i wonder how i would ever break up to touch what's
    wrapped up in cellophane

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words