Salt and Ashes - Peter Himmelman

    My room's a mess, the rain is falling
    falling down, falling down
    it's twenty past one and not a soul is calling
    i'm falling down, falling down

    salt and ashes on my floor
    Salt and ashes is that what i traded you for

    it's been a half a year since i last saw you
    seems so long seems so long
    now you're like frost, i could never thaw you
    seems so long, baby seems so long

    salt and ashes on my bed
    salt and ashes covering my head

    i said i'd try but desire raped me
    it seemed so real, seemed so real
    and the reasons why, well they escape me
    they seemed so real, semed so real

    salt and ashes are all i see
    salt and ashes raining down on me

    i'd sweep them all away but i guess they soothe me
    they take me down, take me down
    they're poison sweet but they don't fool me
    they take me down, take me down

    salt and ashes barren as my heart
    salt and ashes since we've been apart
    Since we've been apart sweet darling

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words