Ballingall Hotel - Greg Brown

    I said I'd never come to this ugly old hotel again.
    Baby, here I am.

    I said I'd never knock again on # 22
    Baby, how are you?

    Some nights something grabs you and
     you don't even knowwhat it is.
    Give me a kiss.

    Leave that black slip on and dance just like you
     did last time.
    I'm so glad your plans for leaving fell through -
     just like mine.

    Ain't no air conditioning, the ceiling fan don't work
     too well.
    Guess we'll have to sweat it out again at the
     Ballingal Hotel.

    One night I knocked on the wrong door
    and myself as an old man answered - so drunk
     and so poor.

    I said I'd never come again to this ugly old hotel -
    but what the hell.

    Copyright © 1994 Brown-Feldman Publishing


    Marco Giunco
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