Boomtown - Greg Brown

    Here come the artists with their intense faces,
    with their need for money and quiet spaces.
    They leave New York, they leave L.A..
    Here they are - who knows how long they'll stay -

    It's a Boomtown
    got another Boomtown
    and it'll boom
    just as long as boom has room.

    Here come the tourists with their blank stares,
    with their fanny packs - they are penny millionaires.
    Something interesting happened here long time ago.
    Now where people used to live their lives the restless
         come and go.

    [repeat chorus]

    Nice to meet you, nice to see you
    in a sheepskin coat made in Korea.
    Welcome to the new age, the new century.
    Welcome to a town with no real reason to be.

    [repeat chorus]

    The rich build sensitive houses and pass their staff around.
    For the rest of us, it's trailers on the outskirts of town.
    We carry them their coffee, wash their shiny cars,
    hear all about how lucky we are
    to be living in a ...

    [repeat chorus]

    The guy from California moves in and relaxes.
    The natives have to move - they cannot pay the taxes.
    Santa fe has had it. Sedona has, too.
    Maybe you'll be lucky - maybe your town will be the new...

    [repeat chorus]

    Copyright © 1994 Brown-Feldman Publishing


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words