Brand New '64 Dodge - Greg Brown

    Money comes out of Dad's billfold.
    Hankies come out of Mom's purse.
    The engine hardly makes a sound
    even when you put it in reverse.
    It's got a push-button transmission,hardtop convertible, 4-door.
    It's November of '63
    and the brand new Dodge is a '64.

    And we're rolling slow down Main Street -
    the asphalt and gravel crunch.
    Church is finally over
    and we're going to have our Sunday lunch.
    And then I will play football
    with my buddies down in park.
    Later I'll dream about my girlfriend
    as I lie alone in the dark.

    She's got short red hair and blue eyes
    and her swimsuit's also blue
    and her little brother is retarded,
    but Jesus loves him, too.
    And Jesus loves our president,
    even though he is a Catholic.
    Thre's a lot for a boy to think about
    as he walks along the railroad tracks.

    And my sister won't get carsick
    'cause we're going only half a mile
    and the car still has that new car smell
    and dad looks like he might smile
    and the world is big and full of Autumn
    and I'm hungry as can be
    and we're in our brand new'64 Dodge
    November of '63

    Copyright © 1994 Brown-Feldman Publishing


    Marco Giunco
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