Morris' Nightmare - Jimmy Buffett

    -- Spoken:
    "This is another new song we'd like to do for you now. It's a, tells the
    story of a lovely cruise ship couple. You know in November, the snowbirds
    start heading south down there, and you've seen them with the matching belt
    and shoes, condo commandos, you know. So uh, hey that's good shit. I smell
    it, alright, ooh. We better start this song before I get hungry. This is
    called 'Morris' Nightmare'."

    Down in the islands where the happy folks stay
    Everybody do what Bwana Jim say
    He say its ok, it's ok

    You can do what you wanna
    Do what you like
    Twist a big ol' number
    Ride a motorbike
    It's alright, It's alright

    Dance to the drum
    Drink a lot of rum
    Love till you come to a stop

    Swing like a monkey in a coconut tree
    Sing like the dolphins in the deep blue sea
    Sing it's alright, it's alright

    -- Spoken:
    "How does Fred Neil do it? Come on Jay Spell"

    You know people in the city got nowhere to go
    They used to go to bars now they go to Discos
    No, no, no disco (uh-uh, no)

    They never see the sun
    They hardly see the moon
    They barely see the ground 'til the snow melts in June
    Uptight, It's out of sight

    So they save a little money
    Take a little trip
    They only see the islands from a tacky cruise ship

    Buy a little liquor
    Buy some sea shells
    Husband tries to sleep
    Wife just yells
    Morris, you can sleep when you get home

    Down in the islands where the happy folks stay
    Everybody do what Biwana man say
    He say its ok, it's ok

    It's alright, it's alright
    Do what you wanna, do what you like

    -- Spoken:
    "Morris! Oh for Christ's sake Morris, you can sleep when you get home. This
    is supposed to be a vacation you know. We come all the way down to Miami. We
    could go someplace nice like SeaWorld. I would like to go see, Tony Orlando
    is playing in Miami Beach. We could do some nice things like that. But no,
    what do we do, we have to go down to this goddamn swamp. This is a swamp
    Morris. You call this an island? This is a resort? It's full of mosquitoes
    and bugs and just is terrible Morris. Are you listening to me?"

    "Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!"


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words