Ain't Licked Yet - Dirk Hamilton

    Brother Jacob on a hill
    waiting for his bride to come
    Sister Sadie standing still
    waitin' in the wind and the rain

    I remember what I can't forget
    I Ain't Licked Yet

    Little Johnnie on a crutch
    carryin' the milk back home
    Mother Katie sittin' down
    with her sack all torn away

    They remember what they can't forget
    They Ain't Licked Yet

    And in the mornin'
    gently as they rise
    But in the mornin'
    But in that dark dark mornin'

    Brother Jacob cleans the gun
    he'd never point at anyone
    Father Kermit smilin' up
    from behind a whiskey cup

    We remember what we can't forget
    We Ain't Licked Yet

    And now I write to end this song
    Hopin' it'll never end
    I ain't licked yet

    All songs ©1995 by Rabbit Songs BMI


    Marco Giunco
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