Lonely Videos - Dirk Hamilton

    You take him high, I'll take him low
    and by the time he gets back on his feet
    we'll be somewhere he can't follow
    He's a stuck repeater
    with all the courage of a woman beater
    A fearful heart
    and a jealous mind
    make him the most dangerous kind
    but it's anything goes
    now everyone's directing their own
    Lonely Video

    The bloodstains of a boxer, on a hotel room pillow
    and its running red
    what should be running clear (or yellow)
    and the life-defying
    sounds of people laughing, betting, buying
    do not tempt him to cheat
    cause him defeat
    or wake him from a knockout sleep
    Ya gotta keep on your toes
    when you star in your own
    Lonely Video

    Yesterday I woke and half my life was gone
    All tangled up inside I got up
    and put my own lonely video on
    Why did those friends desert me?
    Why'd the one I gave my heart to hurt me?
    Then I felt my soul
    say "let it go
    trust and relinquish control"
    because it's pay as you go
    when you're making your own
    Lonely Video

    The colorblind chameleon told the black butterfly
    "I am only what they made me, so excuse my tongue when you try to fly"
    And the bearded lady
    dreams of being a ballerina someday maybe
    While the stock cars crash
    volcanic ash
    sparkles in the camera flash
    and it looks like snow
    falling over those
    making their own
    Lonely Videos

    All songs ©1995 by Rabbit Songs BMI


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