With You - Peter Himmelman

    With you I can see
    past the lies and greed in this burned out city
    With you I can run
    from the shell-shocked demons dancin' in my head
    You give me strength
    when my legs are tired
    You feed my soul
    when I'm uninspired

    With you I can speak
    in a voice that rings with love and mercy
    With you I can stand
    no matter where the howlin' wind
    of change may blow
    I lie in bed and I watch you sleep
    There is no dream
    that I would not keep with you with you

    There is no face that I love as much
    There is no dream that I could not touch
    with you with you with you with you

    With you I can love
    with a heat that defies explanation
    With you I can sleep
    like an infant held up in mother's arms
    I know you well
    and you know me too
    There's no hope so lost
    that it can't be touched with you

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words