Passion Is No Ordinary Word - Graham Parker

    It worked much better in a fantasy
    Imagination's one thing that comes easy to me
    Cause this is nothing else if not unreal
    When I pretend to touch you, you pretend to feel

    Passion is no ordinary word, Passion is no ordinary word
    Passion is no ordinary word, Ain't manufactured or just another sound
    That you hear at night at night

    Ain't got no idols for the screen today
    Although they make a lot of noises they got nothing to say
    I try to look amazed but it's an act
    The movie might be new but it's the same soundtrack

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Say how it feels real useless ain't it
    Wait until it bites right down inside you
    The world is easy when you're just playing around with it
    Everything's a thrill and every girl's a kill
    And then it gets unreal and then you don't feel anything
    You don't feel anything
    You don't feel anything

    An object of desire you don't desire to be
    I bet the shop window dummies give in just as easily
    I try to stop but have to make you drop down to the floor
    Moaning in the darkness as we fake some more

    [Repeat Chorus Twice]

    Just another sound that you hear at night
    Ain't just another sound

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words