Local Girl - Graham Parker

    Sit by my window and look outside
    Wonder why a sun don't shine on me
    What's wrong with you, you stupid child
    Don't you think that I'm the one you're waiting to see
    Don't talk too much cause she falls for the soft touch
    Makes her feel everything is secure
    Don't ever leave a footprint on the floor

    Don't bother with the local girls
    Don't bother with the local girls
    Don't bother with the local girls

    She's probably halfwit she must be straight
    Bound to have a mother who knows nothing but hate
    Don't want to laugh I'd rather knock her down
    Standing at the bus stop where she waits each morning
    So isolated that she thinks that the army
    Is the place where a man oughta be
    Don't bother with them they don't bother me

    [Repeat Chorus]

    They got the walk they got the talk Right down without a flaw
    At six oclock I got to stop My dreaming at the counter of the store
    Don't bother with them

    Without a doubt I gotta intercept
    Must be time someone went shouted in their ear
    You look all right in that cheap green dress
    But every time you swish it round you make me disappear
    Yes I'm aware of exactly what I'm doing
    Making everything a mystery,
    Don't bother with it, it don't bother me

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words