For Margaret - Ned Massey

    The sterile white Florence Nightingale
    Makes her way down the hall
    To attend to her patients
    Whom she never sees at all.
    To her they're just faceless old folks
    Too poor and weak to be out on their own
    She doesn't see their pleading gaze
    They don't want to die alone.

    Margaret, silent Margaret
    Hears voices in the hallway
    Outside her bleak and barren room
    Where she sits and stares all day.
    But Margaret, lonely Margaret,
    Just watches the world go by
    And as the birds go by her window
    She wishes she could fly.

    Billy remembers fondly
    Of his years spent in the infantry corps
    And he's so proud of the medals he won
    In the first world war.
    Coming home victorious
    And the welcome the doughboys received
    But that was sixty-five years ago
    Now he can't help but feel he's been deceived

    In their state institutions
    With no hope of restitution
    For the pride that was stolen
    For the life that they once knew
    No one ever comes to visit
    No one even knows they're there
    Trapped inside their empty souls
    With the dreams they'd love to share.

    Harry's face is twisted in pain
    And his hands cover his ears
    Because the screaming that haunts him so
    Is the silence that nobody hears
    He reaches out for anyone
    Just to tell him he is real
    To comfort him to give him love
    But despair is ail he feels.

    Emily clutches her rosary
    With hands aged and weak
    She doesn't pray for forgiveness
    Relief is all she seeks
    She prays through force of habit
    She's given up on divine intervention
    She just hopes that someone will end
    Her life of one dimension.

    [Repeat Chorus]

    I know this song's a sad one
    But it's one I had to tell
    'Cause If you do all right
    The way you live your life
    You shouldn't have to die in hell
    So this one's for Margaret, silent Margaret
    And for Billy who fought in the war
    For Harry who doesn't want to die alone
    And for Emily who doesn't believe anymore.

    [Repeat Chorus]

    So won't you please listen
    Won't you show you care?

    1978 by Ned Massey

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words