Second Avenue Sunset - Paul Metsa

    The soldiers of misfortune walk up Second Avenue
    Some march in single file, some stumble two by two
    They wear cardboard tuxedos and their top hats made of wire
    They rub their hands neath a frozen moon
    Round a trash can full of fire

    Second Avenue sunset why does it have to be so hard
    Second Avenue sunset sleep in the city park
    They are living in a house of cards
    They are living in a house of cards

    Raggedy Ann and Andy on a blacktop promenade
    like plastic dolls on their wedding cake they thought they had it made
    Small town kids with big town tastes their piggy bank went bust
    Now the mission smells like muscatel
    the lights still ain't bright enough

    Repeat Chorus

    You will walk around them
    when they are on their hands and knees
    Step over them In alleys from sea to shining sea
    Some know how they got there but they don't know what to do
    Because there are no second chances on Second Avenue

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words