Whistling Past the Graveyard - Paul Metsa

    Do not play with matches
    Cause matches will start fire
    Keep your foot above the flames
    When walking on the wire
    Life is sweet but time is short
    Keep your train on the track

    Don't forget your mother
    She brought you in this world
    You are the dream that she once had
    Since she was just a little girl
    Send her cards and flowers
    Don't step on the crack

    The world don't owe you nothing
    Don't even know your name
    You might be a king or queen
    But the end treats you just the same
    Drop your crumbs before you leave
    Don't cover up your tracks

    Someday you may lose your true love
    to a stranger in a crowd
    Same story for a thousand years
    that makes you cry out loud
    But one day shell find that stranger
    Is just a con man in a gunny sack

    Go to your confession
    Read your horoscope
    Tell a white lie to a rabbi
    make a collect call to the Pope
    But the faith that will save you
    will also break your back

    You might be in a wheelchair
    or have to step so light
    around the world in 80 days
    at the speed of light
    Everything that is given to you
    may one day be taken back


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words