St. Louis County Fair - Paul Metsa

    It was Saturday night at the midway
    a Mardi Gras Midwestern style
    I was with my man the Junkboy from Jersey
    a devils cap and Napoleon's smile.

    We had our tea leaves read by Lady Samantha
    she said one of you will fall in love
    But the Junkboy had Madame Electra
    She wasn't pretty but she was mighty tough

    She said anything it can happen
    Anything it ain't all it appears
    Dead men sing their song, weak men become strong,
    Pretty women just fly through the air
    St. Louis County Fair
    St. Louis County Fair
    Dead men sing their song,
    weak men become strong,
    Pretty women just fly through the air

    It was midnight when I laid eyes upon her
    she was walking down fireworks row
    She grabbed me like I knew her forever
    as the sky was about to explode

    We rolled nickels and we ate cotton candy
    took a ride on the old ferris wheel
    And we kissed by the lights of the city
    and at the top we hung by our heels

    Won a black cat at the ring toss
    Shot plastic ducks in a pond
    When I star1ed to kiss her, I started to miss her
    And just in a flash she was gone

    Repeat Chorus

    I walked further up the midway
    a barker yelled come on inside
    for 10 tickets I will introduce you to a true love
    who is too soon to die

    Now who in the world would believe it
    I almost started to cry
    There was my grandma and grandpa
    smiling sweetly, dancing side by side

    Young love that never got older
    old love that always stayed young
    Old love or new love, false love or true love
    I just keep you hanging on

    Repeat Chorus

    The next day I went to the fairground
    where the carnival lights used to be
    You know I might have been dreaming
    all I saw was a hobo sleeping under the tree

    Then the Junkboy rolled out of the bushes
    with a martini wedding ring in his ear
    Had a postcard from Lady Samantha
    said see you sailors same time next year

    True love it never comes easy
    True love ain't all that it seems
    It may last forever, you can never say never, or you're
    left with a song and your dreams

    Repeat Chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words