Green Leaf - Greg Brown

    Green leaf, green leaf
    are you scared
    when the wild storms blow?
    When you look out
    over the thunder
    do you ever want to go
    over the world on a
    wild green wind-green leaf do you know?
    Up in the mountains
    there's no one home
    but the deer and the mice and the snow.
    Up in the mountains
    where the wild sheep roam
    is where I want to go-
    I'll hike away with my lunch in a sack
    and I'll never come back below
    Red berries grow every other year
    so heavy on the tree-
    when they are ripe, my enemy comes
    and he throws them all at me-
    but I crawl in to my wooden fort
    and I weather the war safely.

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words