His House Her Home - (Chris Difford, Glenn Tilbrook)

    I think to myself when we kiss
    Your husband is watching
    From his portrait his eyes are looking down
    On the slipper and stocking
    Back against the bookcase
    Down upon the floor
    Empty the decanter
    Slur again for more.

    His house, Her home, our future in a lover's world
    Her son, Her heart, her love for me, tomorrow's world

    I laugh at myself when your son
    Is watching cartoons
    In the morning he's looking up at me
    When we're in the bathroom
    Sees me kissing mother
    Doesn't blink an eye
    Asks a lot of questions
    Answers hard to find.

    I talk to myself when I'm drunk
    And she is still sober
    Words are so few and far between
    My arms reach to hold her
    Hungry for the love
    I rescued from the grave
    The past is just a portrait
    The future's ours to frame

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words