Just Like Herman Hesse - Graham Parker

    I don't understand telepathy, but I am thinking of you
    I am going to get my feelings across the gulf that divides me and you

    Cos when the doors get locked and the windows are shuttered
    The oaths get broken and the curses are muttered
    and every emotion's confused and cluttered
    There's nothing to stop us from burning out, just like a candle,
    with too many knots to untangle

    I know there's a better world somewhere you've just got to take a look
    Yeah but unfortunately it's in the pages of a kid's storybook
    does your daddy look down on us and say this is wrong
    will your mother figure me out from the words in this song
    did you prefer the guy who was hung like king kong
    well I just wanna feel your curves again when they're not at right angles
    with too many knots to untangle

    The rusted remains of an automobile
    sits out in the backyard with only one wheel
    ignored and deserted you know how it feels

    Yeah its a random universe, there is no plan involved
    we just bounce around like rubber balls and sometimes nothing gets solved
    do you know these people the chances are slim
    even their shadows are wearing thin and you're not her and I'm not him
    but I don't wanna tie you up any more and leave you to dangle,
    with too many knots to untangle (3 times) then intro again

    too many knots to untangle (repeat over intro chords with backing vocals and oohs

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words