On the Dunes - Donald Fagen

    Drive along the sea
    Far from the city's twitch and smoke
    To a misty beach
    That's where my life became a joke

    On the dunes
    On the dunes
    (Became a joke on the dunes)
    Where rents are high
    And seabirds cry
    On the dunes

    As you spoke you must have known
    It was a kind of homicide
    I stood and watched my happiness
    Drift outwards with the tide

    On the dunes
    On the dunes
    (Homicide on the dunes)
    It wasn't fair
    It's brutal there
    On the dunes

    Pretty boats
    Sweeping along the shore
    In the faltering light
    Pretty women
    With their lovers by their side
    It's like an awful dream
    I have most every night

    In the summer all the swells
    Join in the search for sun and sand
    For me it's just a joyless place
    Where this loneliness began

    On the dunes
    On the dunes
    (Loneliness on the dunes)
    I'm pretty tough
    But the wind is rough
    On the dunes


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words