Snowbound - Walter Becker, Donald Fagen
    At Nervous Time

    We roll downtown
    We've got scenes to crash
    We're gonna trick and trash
    We're gonna find some fun
    We hit the street
    With visors down
    With our thermasuits
    Sealed up tight
    We can beat the freeze
    And get saved tonight
    Let's stop off at the Metroplex
    That little dancer's got some style
    Yes she's the one I'll be waiting for
    At the stage door

    Let's sleep in today
    Wake me up
    When the wolves come out to play
    Heat up
    These white nights
    We're gonna turn this town
    Into a city of lights

    We take the tube
    To Club Hi Ho
    It's about deadspace
    It's a marketplace
    And a party house too
    Something new
    From Charlie Tokyo
    It's a kind of pyramid
    With a human heart
    Beating in an ion grid
    A critic grabs us
    And says without a smile
    The work seduces us with light
    Eviva laughs and we step out
    Into the blue-white night


    We sail our icecats on the frozen river
    Some loser fires off a flare, amen
    For seven seconds it's like Christmas day
    And then it's dark again
    And then it's dark again



    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words