Cabfare and Perfume - David Ray

    Downtown in the dark
    in a room that rings with laughter
    cabfare and perfume
    making sure of her hereafter
    watches quietly
    as the tables turn she lingers
    counting silently
    as the nights slip through her fingers

    If the girls all stick around
    we can share the ride uptown
    wonderin' how much good tequila to consume
    but she never has enough
    cabfare and perfume

    She's a Texas girl
    from a broken home she wandered
    flying coast to coast
    as good fortune dawned upon her
    still her aim is high
    though her goals are non-specific
    anyway she tries
    and in blue she looks terrific

    [Repeat Chorus]-- If the boyfriend's not around...

    © 1986 David Ray


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words