Skeleton - Buddy Mondlock

    I got a skeleton in my closet
    I lock him up with a skeleton key
    If something go bump, well I know what cause it
    It's that bony apparition who lives there secretly

    Sometimes I let him out in the middle of the day
    He rattles about but he don't get in the way
    He's a rhythm section when he walks
    Sounds like Morse Code when he talks
    Writes on blackboards without chalk
    He's a calcified anomaly

    I let him get the door for me late one Halloween
    He asked the little monsters in
    You should'a heard 'em scream
    He's a hollow-headed Holy Ghost
    Lives on pumpkin pie and toast
    This bony-breasted boy's the most fun
    Any skeleton could be

    Though he's usually pretty stable he's a modular man
    And on one can fall to pieces like a skeleton can
    He's a vertebrated old galute
    Got metatarsals in his boots
    Plays his shinbone like a flute
    He's more entertaining than T.V.

    [Repeat first verse]

    © 1985 Buddy Mondlock


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words