The Man With the Hired Face - Rod MacDonald

    what if there were a man
    and he learned to stand
    in front of a camera
    til he'd made it an art
    and for most of your life
    when you sat home at night
    there he was on the screen
    in a sympathetic part

    and one day it was realized whenever he spoke
    be it moral disapproval or makin' a joke
    the people believed every word was just so
    and they took him into their hearts

    he was the man with the hired face
    gets his picture all over the place
    he's got an answer to every disgrace
    'cause he knows how to read his lines

    what if he stood for election
    and surprised everyone
    and soon all the people had
    placed him in charge
    and he went on the screen
    once again to campaign
    for moral crusades
    and nuclear arms
    but the people were comfortable with him in their homes
    they'd been tired of thinkin' for themselves for so long
    it didn't matter if the things he said were right or wrong
    he says them with such charm


    oh there were some who objected
    and it had to be made perfectly clear
    to know what's going on is not expected
    what's expected in a leader
    what the people hold dear is

    eatin' your chittlins with a
    seven-year old
    and lookin' real good
    up there on your horse
    and bein' photographed with the
    leaders of the world
    and knowin' which fork to use
    with which course
    i know what your saying, this is just a bad dream
    the people would never stand for such an oily scheme
    anyway the real powers out of sight, behind the scenes
    it's just a necessary thing to have, a new kind of mr. clean
    to talk of god and hate the russians and keep the money green
    is that what you're saying, ain't that exactly what you mean?

    which brings us back around to the source

    of the man with the hired face

    © 1984, 1986 by Rod Macdonald Blue flute Music -ASCAP


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words