I Can't Get Close to You - Tom Pacheco

    Lately I ve been feeling like a stranger in your arms
    There s tension in the air, and I don t know what its from
    You dont seem to respond when I reach for you each night
    And I know you lay awake after I turn off the light

    I cant get close to you
    No matter what I do ,
    I feel so far from you
    As far as Timbuktu
    is there somebody new?
    Then I`II know why if that s true
    Why I can t get close to you

    I wish youd open up and say what s on your mind
    Its gone on long enough, let s talk, I think Its time
    It s killing both of us leaving so much unresolved
    Later on weII deal with the hurt and the pain involved

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words