Old Flame Burns - Erik Moll

    Your letter came
    But I never knew

    I was already gone
    Though we were through
    Tried to blot you out
    Never looked back
    Almost forgot
    That old broke down shack

    Now the warm wind wisper, and the big wheel turns
    The river keeps-a-rollin
    And the old flame burns, the old flame burns

    Fast years in the city
    Lost in the crowd
    I was empty and angry
    lonely and too proud
    Takin too many chances
    Guess I knew what Id find
    Walked right into trouble
    Man, I must have been blind

    I took to ramblin
    with a minstrel show
    Learnin the hard way
    You reap what you sow
    Drinkin and singin
    So bitter sweet
    Bout a wonderfull woman
    I`d love to meet

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words