Streets of Blue Rain - Tom Pacheco

    Pulled into town only yesterday
    Stayin in a cheap hotel
    sometimes you got to break away
    If you wanna save yourself

    Far from the life I ve always known
    Far from the bridge I crossed
    Feeling a freedom on my own
    Feelin a little bit lost

    With my hands in my pockets
    With the mist coming down
    In this strange southern city
    I m a stranger in town
    Maybe I can meet someone
    In this neon terrain
    Who s as lonesome as I am
    On these streets of blue rain

    Walking the lights of the boulevard
    looking for a bar somewhere
    Won t be long till it`s raining hard
    Gonna find shelter there

    Somewhere I hear harmonica
    Playin I a mournful blues
    It s a wet night here in Texas
    God I feel chilled right through

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words