Standin' by the Waterfall - Tom Pacheco

    Standin by the waterfall it s been fifteen years
    Still I have complete recall of what happened here
    She was lovely, she was fine
    We were twenty she was mine

    Standin by the waterfall, sunlight through the trees,
    She held a red parasol as she smiled at me
    We had blue skies, we had wine
    She was passion, she was mine

    By the waters where we kissed
    There were rainbows in the mist
    I throw a wild rose into the air
    In honour of an old affair

    Standin by the waterfall, wondering where she s gone
    Does she think of me at all, as the years roll on
    Moving faster down the crack of time
    Here forever, she s still mine

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words