Cruise Control - Don Nix, Gary Tally, Ken Smith

    I pulled off the highway late last night
    switched off the key and I turned out the light
    We get in the backseat I must have come on too strong
    she said 'you d better slow down or we wont t be here long
    My baby s got cruise control

    My baby s got cruise control
    She likes to take it nice and slow
    When I get to movin too fast
    she shuts off the gas
    She s got cruise control

    I took her home and we sat in the car
    I made another move but I didn t get far
    She had me burnin you could almost see me glow
    She said 'you better cool down daddy and learn to lake it slow
    she put me on cruise contol


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words