That Sudden Stop - Bill Colbert, Steve Carter

    You re mindin` your own business
    And the last thing on your mind
    is a new romance but you just cant say no
    your heart leaps off that dusty shelf
    As you try to convince yourself
    you won`t rush in this time, you`ll take it slow

    The stars are dancing around the moon
    Yout head is spinning pretty soon
    Those same three words jump
    It s too late now what s done, is done
    Face it, you`re as good as gone
    Enjoy the ride, looks like your headed south

    When you fall in love
    take that step into the blue
    It`s a long way down
    Might as well enjoy the view
    When your heart hits bottom
    you won t survive the drop
    It aint the fall that gets you
    It s that sudden stop

    It`s the same old story, different song
    What started out alright went wrong
    This time you were so sure that it would last
    But its adios, goodbye thats all
    No parachute can break your fall
    Dont I look now, the ground is closin fast

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words