Bound to Wander - Ron Hicks

    I am bound to wander aimless
    You can come along or wave a sad goodbye
    Gonna roll with the good times over plains and mountains
    Gonna have`em all before I die

    Gonna carry my own weight cross a lonesome valley
    From Portland Oregon to Portland Maine
    Down every freeway, down the darkest alley
    Gonna carry my own weight till the day I die

    Hitch a rlde on a freight train, take a bus with my spare change
    gonna roll downtown. gonna roll downtown
    Aim I goona fly on no wings of sorrow
    To the heart of the city gonna roll downtown

    When the summer plays out and the autumn falls down
    Upon her knees, I`II be on the run
    Gonna pick the stars out in a midnight harvest
    Gonna save their silver for the springtime sun

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words