Strawberry Creek - Tom Pacheco

    My pickap s loaded I`m ready to go
    Up in the hills on the backroads
    Got a cold case of beer and my grand-daddy s pole
    A coffee can of worms and a map of the road
    Where the deer run wiId and the rabbit runs free
    and the sun on the water it sparkles

    where the soft wind blows, and the honeysuckle grows
    And the rainbow trout jump high and low

    And I`m gonmna go fishin`
    Down at Strawberry Creek
    Might stay for a weekend
    Might stay for a week
    Gonna sit in the sunshine
    By a shady old tree
    And the closest that I`ll ever get to heaven
    Is Strawberry Creek

    I been working too hard its time for a rest
    And my love and I - we`ve been firghting
    I`m going to escape to a secret place
    Where I can still see the smile on my grandpas face

    There s a 37- Ford with an old runnin board
    Been rustin in the woods for a Iifetime
    It was my grandpas getawaycar long ago
    From a bank that he robbed, God bless his souI

    He`s buried right here by a little wooden bridge,
    And I can t tell ya how much I miss him
    I light a cigarette, and I lay on his stone
    For the, stories he`d tell as he`d roll his own

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words