Now and Then - Byron Hill, Mike Dekle

    Now and then
    Are two different places in time
    Now it's today
    And then was when your love was mine
    You think by now
    My memories of then would be few
    But somewhere between now and then
    I forgot to stop loving you

    Now and then
    You come on like a freight-train in the night
    Speedin' through the darkness in my dreams
    And I walk into your open arms again
    We said goodbye
    Oh but only one of us has let it end
    Forever I keep holdin' on to you
    Every now and then

    I was sure
    I`d find someone to fill the empty space
    Now I know
    There're just somethings that cannot be replaced
    Like the love
    The kind of love we felt when it was new
    That keeps me lookin' back till yesterday
    Back when I had you

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words