White Boys - Galt MacDermot, Gerome Ragni, James Rado
    White boys are so pretty

    Skin as smooth as milk
    White boys are so pretty
    Hair like Chinese silk

    White boys give me goose bumps
    White boys give me chills
    When they touch my shoulder
    That's the touch that kills

    My motha calls 'em lilies
    I call 'em Piccadillies
    My daddy warns me stay away
    But I say come on out and play

    White boys are so groovy
    White boys are so tough
    Every time they're near me
    Just can't get enough

    White boys are so pretty
    White boys are so sweet
    White boys drive me crazy
    Drive me indiscreet

    White boys are so sexy
    Legs so long and lean
    Love those sprayed-on trousers
    Love the love machine

    My brother calls 'em rubble
    That's my kind of trouble
    My daddy warns me "no no no"
    But I say "White boys go go go"

    White boys are so lovely
    Beautiful as girls
    I love to run my fingers
    And toes through all their curls

    Give me a tall
    A lean
    A sexy
    A pretty
    A groovy
    A juicy
    White boy

    White boys!
    White boys!
    White boys!
    White boys!


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words