To the Future - Peter Brown

    1. When I was just a small boy
    Upon my mama's knee
    She said, "Son, I can remember
    When our people were free."
    She said, "it wasn't paradise,
    But at least it was our own.
    And now when I remember
    I feel so all alone
    So all alone.

    2. "When the white men came to Africa
    And kicked us off our land
    And they chained your father's labor
    To this copper mining plant
    And they left me this worthless land
    While I was having you,
    The told me I had rent to pay
    For land where nothing grew.

    "Sing with me children
    'Cause I feel so all alone
    (2nd time: 'cause you know that was our home)
    Sing with me children
    'Cause the echo will be all that is known
    To the future.

    3. "Been a hundred years of suffering
    And a hundred years of strife,
    But a hundred years has taught us
    We either suffer or we fight
    And I hadn't seen your father
    In over twenty years
    I hardly recognised him
    When he came to me in tears

    4. "He had only one arm
    The other had been cut off
    And he had only one pound
    To pay the white men off
    So when they came to get us,
    Our friends didn't let us down,
    And they were dancing in Harrare
    When we cut them all down.

    5. "Comes the time we expected something
    We got our independence
    But that amounts to nothing,
    'Cause we still can't pay the rent.
    Now they ask me if I'm Marxist,
    I still don't know what that means.
    Just know who I am, what I got to do
    So that they should let us be."

    1986 Peter Brown

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words