Cement Lament - Michelle Shocked

    It was that kinda mistin' rain
    It was the kinda night
    Nothing was wrong
    It just wasn't right

    It wasn't the blues
    It wasn't low rent
    It was just a cement lament

    All these late night alleys
    All these late night alley cats
    It starts raining harder
    He adjust his hat
    [Repeat Refrain]

    A streetlight goes out
    He makes his wish
    A taxi turns the corner
    The puddle makes a splisssh
    [Repeat Refrain]

    How many years has it been
    Since you left that old hometown?
    Both eyes on your feet
    Both feet on the ground

    It's not the blues
    It's not low rent
    It's just a cement lament

    It's not superstition
    It's just playin' it smart
    Don't step on the cracks, now,
    Don't break your mama's heart
    [Repeat Refrain]

    The sun is rolling up the East River
    The sky is turning kind of blue
    Smokin' your last cigarette
    S'pose there's nothing left to do

    But try to shake this mood...
    Someone's got to pay the rent...
    Someone's shift just started
    Singing this cement lament
    This cement lament...
    Cement lament

    © 1986 Michelle Shocked


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words