One Look Back - Jane Gillman

    Sitting here watching the time crawl on
    Haze in the air, the wind's long gone
    Mud in the river, snakes in the pond
    It's one or the other before too long

    It's too hot to go downtown
    I wish my baby would come around
    One more day down this track
    One step forward and one look back

    Kicking up the dust and gravel
    This old road wasn't made for travel
    This old hill wasn't made to climb
    With weary bones and a worried mind

    It's too hot to go downtown...

    When this old life is over
    Lay me down in a field of clover
    Let that old honey bee
    Make sweet honey out of me

    It's too hot to go downtown...

    1986 Pterodactyl Music

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words