Cecil's Gone - Eddy Lawrence

    Today she gave his dog away
    The A.S.P.C.A.
    Tied a chain around its neck
    And stuck it in a big white truck
    She pulled the crepe down off the door
    She took the clothes and the shoes he wore
    And gave 'em to a man in Cordova
    Whose family was down on their luck

    Cecil's gone on home now
    Said a last good bye and bye
    Cecil's gone on to glory
    Through a six foot hole
    Clean off to where the angels fly

    Her daughter and her son-in-law
    Came out with the kids and all
    They drove over from Georgia
    Squeezed in their Japanese car
    They stuck his razor and his pistol in a box
    They took his Coca-Cola pendulum clock
    Back to their house in Atlanta
    And they hung it up over the bar

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Her son brought her a color TV
    And gave a second-hand trailer and he
    He went and boarded up the house
    That his daddy had built by hand
    When the fire truck got there that night
    Man, that trailer was a pitiful sight
    And she was hid behind the smoke house
    Holdin' a kerosene can.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words