Winter Sky - Michael Shapiro

    Put on the overcoat and walk out through the door
    The stars are out and frost is on the stairs
    My breath looks like smoke as it clouds up in the air
    But my thoughts are all too clear

    Winter sky look down and see me here
    Winter sky you stare but you don't see
    High and cold, too high to feel
    But cold enough to kill
    Winter sky

    I thought our love was safe and sheltered from the storm
    There wasn't anything it couldn't do
    But time goes by and I've come to believe
    That our days of love are through

    Winter sky look down...

    Somewhere's a place where there is laughter, joy, and light
    And other people's windows show it's true
    But I'm here tonight, an outsider looking in
    Feeling cold and old and blue

    Winter sky look down and freeze these tears
    Winter sky you swallow up my cry
    I'm alone with you tonight, but you don't answer me
    Winter sky.

    © 1985 by Michal Shapiro


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words