Local Color - Lillie Palmer

    I came back from Santa Cruz on a bus which overheated
    Sold the amp to my guitar--wonder which of us got cheated
    Crossing the line to my home town it cut me like a knife
    Walking past the playground swings in the yellow street light
    The green house with the rusty gate I'd short-cut on my way
    To the school with my best friend--knew they'd tear it down one day

    Some dreams die hard
    Washed away with the rain
    Some dreams die hard
    They never come back again

    Mrs. Jones on her front porch in her lap's her dog that's blind
    She don't say nothing to no one since her man left her behind
    Her boy his name was Randy--he used to chase the bus
    Long after it would drop him off--bus driver say in disgust
    "There goes that crazy white boy. Waddaya think a that?"
    One day he went to fetch his ball--fire truck just squashed him flat

    [Repeat Refrain]

    We had choir practice once over at the reverend's house
    When everybody'd gone he stuck his tongue right in my mouth
    I told my ma about it later on that day
    Said I was just thirteen, nobody would believe it anyway

    God, there's Jim's house boarded up--no one's lived there since
    We used to sit up all night long sit tin' on that fence
    We'd sing the saddest songs we knew--lightning got that tree
    The weekend his folks went away and he made love to me
    He wore this stupid railroad hat with stripes along the brim
    I got pregnant once in March--never did tell him

    [Repeat Refrain]

    © 1984 by Lillie Palmer


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words