Biological Time Bomb - Christine Lavin

    Listen girls. ..
    do you hear something ticking?
    I do
    it's inside me it's inside you
    biological time bomb

    Oh you can barely hear it when you're twenty
    but when you're thirty it's plenty louder
    your mother warned you but no
    you had to doubt her
    "I've got plenty of time, mom"

    Oh, the ticking echoes in that empty womb
    oh, from the next apartment
    did you hear that 'boom'
    her biological time bomb

    Now every time you see a baby carriage
    you curse the years you have avoided marriage
    you are angry, you are confused
    but wait
    'cause I have figured out how to defuse
    the biological time bomb

    First you have a dozen of your eggs aspirated
    frozen in the freezer of a doctor's 'fridgerator
    in ten or twenty or thirty years, whenever you wish
    you thaw them out to romance wigglies in a petri dish
    then plant the little goober in a girl of seventeen
    who's into natural living and Prevention magazine
    No fuss! No muss! No stretch marks!
    (well, not on you)
    maternal instincts satisfied
    the modern thing to do

    Listen girls...
    you can't ignore that ticking any longer
    as you grow older it will grow stronger
    biological time bomb

    © 1985 by Christine Lavin


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words