Somebody's Home - Lucy Kaplansky

    It's raining in my house tonight
    Roof's leaking everywhere
    Flowing over buckets
    And pouring down the stairs
    Taking spins around the hallway
    Then ramblin' out the door
    Out across the highway
    And down the empty pier

    Deep into the river
    The water it does fall
    Then it's just a part of water
    Flowing through it all
    And every time it rains
    And every time I cry
    It's just another current
    In that river flowing by

    Somebody's home
    Though you ache and feel alone
    Someone you've always known
    Somebody's home

    There's a fire in my house tonight
    It's burning everywhere
    It started in my cellar
    Now it's raging up the stairs
    And now my walls are burning, too
    And the roof is crashing in
    Finally there's only flames
    Where once my house had been

    The sashes fall and flames take off
    In spirals to the sky
    And turn into the blazing stars
    That through the blackness lie
    And though I mourn my own four walls
    I try to understand
    It's spread across the sky
    And through the earth on which I stand

    [Repeat Chorus]

    In a desert there's an old man
    Against an ancient sky
    Weary from a broken heart
    He comes to say good-bye

    But first he wants to know
    If he can know it once again
    And as his tears do heal him
    The heavens start to rain

    [Repeat Chorus]

    © 1985 by Lucy Kaplanski


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words