All-In-All - David Buskin

    (Editor's Note: At the author's request, we are running these lyrics as they were originally written. Ms. MacKinnon has reworked some of the lines to fit her particular point of view--yes. the folk process in action.)

    Well she's pretty enough
    She's tall and she's tough
    And she lookin' when I turn around
    And she smiles when I smile
    And we look for a place to sit down

    And it's what are you drinkin'
    And what are you thinkin'
    And baby, you wanna go home?
    It's a Saturday night
    And you don't want to spend it alone

    I think I'd rather be in love
    I think I'd rather be with someone
    Who makes me insane
    With someone I can't get enough of

    I wish that I could fall again
    I know it's a game I always lose
    But I sure could use
    One more chance to win

    Well I'm happy I guess
    Sometimes more, sometimes less
    I get most of the things that I need
    And my old married friends
    They pretend to be envyin' me

    I'm never neglected
    But never connected
    Always a guest at the meal
    I'm not mad or upset
    I just tend to forget how I feel

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Well it's not like I'm broke
    Or I'm hungry
    Or out in the rain
    I know what I had
    And I know what I've got
    And I gave up a lot
    To be free of the pain

    In the hours right after
    We're forcing our laughter
    And neither believes it, I know
    And I give her a kiss while I wish
    She had somewhere to go

    And tomorrow is Sunday
    And after it Monday
    And Tuesday and on into time
    I don't like what I see about me
    At the end of the line

    [Repeat Chorus]

    © 1985 by David Buskin


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words