West Rutland Marble Bawn - James Kearny

    Come all you good people and attend for a while
    To a story I will unfold
    The truth I'll tell, you know full well
    As I have plainly told
    A dollar a day, it will be your pay
    Go to work at the earliest dawn
    It's a weary life to be pleasing a wife
    And chipping the marble bawn

    When I came to your state, 'twas very late
    'Bout 9 in the afternoon
    The night being dark and me being strange
    I knew not where to roam
    I boarded a train, to West Rutland I came
    Where the steam mill is always sawing
    The beautiful stone, the like never was known
    They call it the marble bawn

    The Irish boys that fear no noise
    Will stand on the rocks so brave
    The sound of the drill will be never still
    But echoing always in your ears
    They'll stand in line like the wild geese flying
    And they'll never be scolding or jawing
    They're the very best boys that ever wore frays
    For chipping the marble bawn

    Now when you're dead and in your grave
    With a stone at your head and feet
    Your parents will lament and be discontent
    And bitterly mourn and weep
    Will be your doom to lie 'neath in your tomb
    With a cross so bravely drawn
    Your name enrolled and prayers for your soul
    Engraven on the marble bawn

    My song I'll end, success to each friend
    That ere left the shamrock shore
    May you live in peace with the Yankee race
    And by each other be dearly adored
    We are free in the land of liberty
    No tyranny for us will be drawn
    We'll sit at ease and sing the praise
    Of West Rutland marble bawn

    by James Kearny (late 19th century)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words