Sheetrock the Baby's Room - Tom Mitchell

    Working on a family trying to fill a pantry
    Praying that the car will start come January
    Middle of the night
    Oh why is it babies like to show up
    In the middle of the night
    They want to break you in right
    Show up in the middle of the night

    Sheetrock, tape, paint, sand down the floor
    Hang the storm windows, shave the kitchen door
    Patch up the chimney, pray it doesn't pour
    Sheetrock the baby's room, sheetrock the baby's room...

    Blue, pink, pink, blue, buy a new hat
    There goes the woman all beautiful fat
    Teddy bear, Cupey doll, baseball bat
    You'd better sheetrock the baby's room....

    Hank, Merl, Marylou, Beulah, Gracey Bell
    Oh good god, better dig another dry well
    Vern, Laura, Noa, Tom, Reba, Dewey, AL
    Sheetrock the baby's room...

    © 1984 by Tom Mitchell


    Marco Giunco
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