Philadelphia - Curt Lippe

    Philadelphia has a minimum of scum
    The people are so friendly there most of the time
    There's ballparks, restaurants, historical sights
    Hardly a trace of dirt, grease or grime

    People come to visit from all around the world
    A convenient little rest stop 'tween New York and D.C.
    There are a couple sleazy spots, just one or two that's all
    Near the all night bars and peep shows and the bell of liberty

    It really has a minimum of scum
    They made it obsolete except on Locust Street
    Philadelphia the place where I'm from

    Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross and Edgar Allan Poe
    Julius Erving, Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton and me
    We all chose Philly town as the place where we live
    What's good for them is good enough for me

    Christ Church is a place where I used to get high
    I used to do nothing 'cept sit round there all day
    And nobody cared, not the bums or the drunks
    And the cops never carted me away

    Got honest politicians back there
    They went from Frank Rizzo to the Green and the Goode
    Got pooper scooper laws down on Rittenhouse Square

    Well the Pope came into town on a golden autumn day
    I still can hear his voice, feel the essence of its tone
    The Pope was cool and so at ease right on the Parkway there
    Where many times before he'd seen Sylvester Stallone

    And you can keep New Orleans, Paris, London or Hong Kong
    L.A., Rio, Nice or any sun-drenched area
    I'm like that famous funny man who long ago did write
    His tombstone reads I'd rather be in Philadelphia

    [Repeat Chorus]

    © 1984 by Curt Lippe


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words