Hanging on the Edge - Dennis Pearne

    Day breaks
    I reach out just to feel if you're still there
    Or did you vanish in the air?
    Heart aches
    You're waking up those fears I locked inside
    And do I take the dare?

    I'm standing on the edge
    Of that other world, in the morning's early light
    I guess we're doing alright
    And I'm hanging on the edge of falling in love
    with you

    Cold fright
    Cracks apart and crashes to the ground
    My suit of armor gone
    Brave knight
    Drops his shield and shivers to the bone
    In a quiet prayer for dawn

    There's power in the air, you know, you can feel it hovering
    There's a question in her eyes, can he love without smothering?
    There's whiskey in our veins, when we make love you can feel it burn
    There's change in the wheel of fortune, every time the wheel turns

    © 1984 by Dennis Pearne


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words